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CCC Schools Insurance Group

The Contra Costa County Schools Insurance Group (CCCSIG) is a Joint Powers Authority organized in 1977
for the purposes of self-insuring workers' compensation and health and safety services to its 20 member
public school districts in Contra Costa County.

Today, CCCSIG operates a self-insured, self-administered public agency, which is one of the largest of its
kind in the State of California. Of the 21 member districts, 19 are K-12 school districts, one County Office of Education and one Community College District. CCCSIG's Workers' Compensation program encompasses
19 districts approximately 20,000 employees and more than $819 million in payroll, which translates to approximately $21 million in workers' compensation premium. Of the 21 member districts, 7 are also
members of the Health Benefits program, which continues to grow and expand.

CCCSIG has been recognized for success in leadership by its peers. First accredited by the California Association of Joint Powers Authorities (CAJPA) in 1993, the Group currently is Accredited with Excellence
through 2006.

Due to the success of the program since it became self-administered in 1995, the member Superintendents
and Governing School Boards supported and implemented changes to the JPA to incorporate the potential for provision of other areas of insurance coverages, the first of which was the health benefits program. CCCSIG
will continue to look into other avenues and potential areas of coverage to best serve the members' interests.

Mission Statement

The Mission of Contra Costa County Schools Insurance Group is to maximize the human and financial
resources of our members in order to contribute to and enhance public education.

To accomplish this mission CCCSIG has consistently engaged in strategic planning and goal setting.
Our five broad goals, directly supporting our mission, are:

  • To promote a safe and healthy working environment.
  • To actively engage all participants at all levels in cooperative efforts to achieve this mission.
  • To implement effective cost containment activities.
  • To administer programs that are fiscally sound and provide stable rates.
  • To work together to maintain and celebrate a positive and productive CCCSIG work environment.

Vision Statement

CCCSIG wants to be known for:

  • Providing fiscally responsible management and financial stability.
  • Exercising cost-containment measures to reduce costs.
  • Responsiveness to our customers.
  • Being caring, efficient, proactive and the Joint Powers Authority others look to for example.
  • Delivering professional services and managing program operations.
  • Effectively promoting employee safety.
  • Acting as a partner to local education.
  • Educating medical providers.
  • Visionary leadership and our "can-do" philosophy.
  • Continually striving for improvement and better results.
  • Making management and employees aware and responsible for controlling WC costs.